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      Hi ! Bravo for your great work !

      I intstalled and set up swithmail and everything’s fine when i use the extracted .bat file.

      but here’s what i’m trying to do : I use a pro app in which there’s a send button on each client record. That button opens the defaut mail app (outlook here) and create a new mail to the client’s adress.

      Is there a way to :
      1/ make this .bat file the defaut mail app in windows
      2/ twist the script to take the given client adress as [/ToAddress …] ?

      Thanks a lot for your answer

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      Hey, Charles – Thanks for the praise!

      I don’t know if you can set SwithMail as your default mail app. Because it’s not a TRUE mail app, and just an SMTP client, I’m not sure how that would work.

      As for twisting the script, yuo’d have to play with that a bit. You can set everything in the XML file, and then pass command line parameters to override XML values, so it should be able to be done, but without seeing / knowing more about how you’re wanting to pass the values, it would be hard to give advice on how to make it happen.

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