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      I’ve noticed that when I run SwithMail from the command line, the program immediately exits, even with a rather large attached file on it. Clearly, you must be spooling off a daemon in the background to do the actual sending, since I know it’ll take 5-10s to send this type of email through to Gmail.

      I also notice you do provide the helpful ‘/log’ option for logging success/failure results of runs to a central file.

      I was thinking that for my purposes, in higher-volume situations, the behavior I’d prefer is that I could set an extra option, call it ‘/sync’ which changes SwithMail to have it sit on the command line as the send is actually executed, and then return a proper Windows ERRORLEVEL of 0 if everything was successful, and higher codes if not, so that my script or program that runs SwithMail can know immediately whether things went well.

      Mailsend, e.g., already behaves like this. I know that in some cases your current behavior would actually be better, but it might also be nice to have the option of doing what I describe above.

      Any chance there’s already a way to do that that I missed? If not, would you consider adding such an option?

      Thanks for considering and for sharing your great project.

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