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      Great application, so good work on that! I did discover that the use of a parameter (%Param1%) does not work when the body text file is being used. It does work without a set body text file but from a managing perspective with multiple xml files, a single body text file would be best. The HTML tags do work.

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      I’ve had another user mention using Params in a body text file. I’ll take a look and see what it would take. I’m sure it’s doable.

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      Hello – So, I just tested this out, and it worked for me.

      Here’s my CLI string:
      /x "c:\Test\SwithMailSettings.xml" /btxt "c:\Test\txtBody.txt" /p1 "Name Here" /p2 "Product Here" /s

      Here’s my text file (c:\test\txtBody.txt):

      Dear %Param1%,
      Thank you for purchasing %Param2%!
      Sent: %now%

      And here’s the resulted email:

      Dear Name Here,
      Thank you for purchasing Product Here!
      Sent: 9/5/2018 8:09:50 AM

      Now, all of that said, I did find an issue with TESTING through the GUI where it wouldn’t replace the strings, but doing it through the CLI would. I’ve pushed an update today ( that will address this issue and another issue that was reported as well (with High Priority headers).

      You can grab the new version here: https://www.tbare.com/software/swithmail/

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