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      Actions to reproduce
      Unzip SwithMail v2210 into a directory
      Run it
      Produce an xml file
      In Windows 10 file explorer open the SwithMail directory.
      File is not visible.

      Close SwithMail.
      Run SwithMail
      Choose to load xml file.
      SwithMail displays saved file in the directory.
      Windows File Explorer does not.

      I have checked my file view settings and the properties of the settings file. The file is not hidden.

      This is weird behaviour. Windows should show all files in a directory if they are not hidden and not system files.

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      Hey, Dunkelmann –

      I’d double check the save path — Windows MAY be showing cached files in file explorer – hit F5 and see if the file is visible.

      I’ve definitely never encountered this one…

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      You can close this. It turns out that my new firewall COMODO Firewall 10 was virtualising the SwithMail folder.

      Sorry and thanks.

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