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      if i try to send using a single command line like this (one-liner):

      SwithMail.exe /Silent /FromAddress “pluto@gmail.com” /FromName “Pluto” /Server “smtp.gmail.com” /Port “587” /Username “pluto@gmail.com” /Password “<secret_of_pluto>” /SSL “true” /ToAddress “pippo@gmail.com” /Subject “World’s 1st email to pippo [%Param1% mtd]” /Body “bodyhtml.html” /HTML “true” /Param1 “12345-54321” /Param2 “n=12345&u=54321&amp” /ReadReceipt /DontReplace /Log “Error.txt”

      I receive an error like:
      “The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client has not been authenticated. Server response: 5.7.0 Authentication Required. For more information, see”

      Using the same parameter with GUI work without problem.

      Seems SSL not working in this usage scenario ?

      Thanks to write this very useful program !


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